My FACEBOOKs will be deleted on Friday the 13th

I’m done with FACEBOOK



Make a desktop application using Processing

Ever wanted to turn your Processing sketch into a desktop application?  No sweat, after you write your sketch it’s a simple three step process.

  1. From the menu bar, click File then Export Application Image
  2. Next you pick your export options from the dialog box that pops up Image
  3. After clicking export you have your desktop applicationImage

At this point you should have a desktop application for each platform you selected in step 2, all organized into platform specific folders.  I’ve been spending so much time exporting applets for my OpenProcessing profile, I totally overlooked this handy feature.

So sweet.

Now I have to figure out how to write smartphone applications using Processing.  Got any advice, leave it in the comments.

Drop it like its hot

I’m building a new image tool using Processing that extracts colors and various information from an image.  It’s dead simple now but I’m getting excited here ( buh bye AIR ).

1. Drop image onto sketch ( only tested gif, jpg, and png so far )



2. Drop It tool extracts the #HEX value of all unique colors and writes a Processing color array to an external text file.



I’ll release the code for this tool after I get a few more features added.


XP Themes FTL!! Zune Theme, FTW

I’ve completely given up on trying to customize windows themes. Total fail for sure.
Today I found out about the Zune desktop theme that Microsoft released, and now everything is better.

If you like black, gray, and orange, you must install this theme.  I literally haven’t run the windows Themes service since XP came out. I full on hate the default theme.  I can tolerate silver and olive sometimes, but it’s still a retarded theme.

The Zune theme appears to be the shiney XP MCE theme, only dark and nice.

If for any reason these links don’t work, just google “Zune Theme”, you’ll find it.