Under skateboard camera testing

Long story short, the testing failed.  It was fun, but I needed some duct tape, or a proper replayXD mount.


Right shoulder-cam at two skateparks

Ever wonder what my shoulder looks like when I skateboard?  Today is your lucky day.  I took my ReplayXD to the skateparks this weekend and came home with some great shoulder footage.  I’m trying to find a good downward angle to capture my feet and board.

Here is my shoulder at Discovery Park in Wheat Ridge.

Here is my shoulder at the new Northglenn Skatepark

I dig sunsets

One of the things I love about living in Denver is the sunsets.  With all the public skateparks here, a good bit of them have a great view of the front range.  The Westminster skatepark has a great view, and one of my very first sessions at the park was spent watching the sun set.  I took pictures with my camera phone, but it just didn’t work.

Last night I skated the newly named Brian Aragon Skatepark ( AKA Brighton Skatepark ), and besides spraining my MCL, we caught a shot of the sunset.  This was taken on an iPhone and turned out surprisingly well.  That’s me 50-50ing the deep end.

50-50 in the deep end

50-50 in the deep end