My first animated gif made with Processing

Ah yeah, I made my first animated gif with Processing today.  Here’s my gif

this gif made with PROCESSING and gifAnimation lib

this gif made with PROCESSING and gifAnimation lib

I made this with Processing and the gifAnimation library in about 10 minutes.  Here is how.

  1. Download and install Processing from
  2. Fire up Processing and create a quick sketch ( this step forces you to setup your sketchbook folder )
  3. Download the gifAnimation library for processing and unzip to a temp folder
  4. Inside your sketchbook folder ( from step 2 ), create a new folder named libraries
  5. Copy the folder named gifAnimation from the temp folder in step #3 into your  libraries folder inside your main sketchbook folder
  6. Start a new sketch and import gifAnimation.*;
  7. Then get coding

( or just download the full PROCESSING sample of using gifAnimation library   )

You will find full processing samples in the gifAnimation zip file you downloaded in step #3.  Also, this page has a great example under the section title EXPORTING A GIF ANIMATION.

I haven’t dug any deeper into the gifAnimation library because it just worked.  I hope creating animated gifs from Processing will be as smooth for you as it was for me.  If not, please let me know in the comments section.  If you have any tips or tricks with the gifAnimation lib or animating gifs via Processing, I’d like to hear those as well.

Now to make animated fire.


McDonalds’ Chicken Nuggets are NOT boneless

UPDATE 3.24.11- The owner of the McDonalds called and sounded very sincere on the phone, while having no idea how his restaraunt was being run. We were offered more free food, but politely declined. McDonalds’ insurance has now served Tyson Foods Inc with a bone notice.

Tyson Foods Inc bone notice

Tyson Foods make McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, and some have bones

“The chicken mcnuggets already come packaged and prepared to our insured location and they are not altered in any way; therefore Tyson Foods Inc. may be liable for said incident.”

Wow, my image of McDonalds is going right down the tubes. They don’t actually make their food, they just heat it up and put it in a bag? I’m loving it!


I’m not a litigious guy, but I feel like something needs to be said about McDonalds and the bones in their Chicken McNuggets. Tonight is Friday, so the wife and I took the kids to McDonalds so they could play with their friends on the playground. Tonight was mostly like every other Friday, except that Fletch received two surprises in his happy meal.

  1. A Superman action figure ( nicely packed in it’s own plastic bag )
  2. A chicken bone ( hidden inside of a nugget )

The chicken bone came as quite a shocker. Fletch was eating slow as usual and got really weird, then started spitting out his nugget onto the bench. At first I thought he had a cough and was trying not to choke. After I cleaned all the mush off the bench I found this CHICKEN BONE!!!

This bone is on a nugget only for size reference

Holding the chicken bone from Fletch's Chicken McNugget

The manager of this location showed zero sympathy that my three year old just bit into a chicken bone and said we have to fill out an incident report. Notice the form is folded in half. The manager gave my wife Jenn the form folded in half and said to fill out our name and phone number. He will fill out the remainder of the form. He also said this isn’t the first time this has happened, and that McDonalds will just recall the batch of chicken that our bone filled McNugget came from.

Jenn filling out the McDonalds incident report for finding a chicken bone in a Chicken McNugget

Something else I’d like to point out is McDonalds says on their website their chicken McNuggets are boneless.

McDonalds lies about their Chicken McNuggets being boneless. My son bit into a chicken bone in a Chicken McNugget 2 hours ago, they are not boneless

While most chicken McNuggets are probably boneless, I consider this a straight up lie. How can big corporations like McDonalds get away with bold face lies and nobody does anything about it? In the past I didn’t care because I knew their food was shit, so I didn’t eat there ( even though I did grow up on McDonalds ). Now that I’m a parent, my wife and I are no match for the marketing power of McDonalds, their toys, and their Playplaces.

So, that’s all I know to do right now, make some noise. McDonalds will continue selling their mostly boneless chicken McNuggets and silencing anybody who finds the golden nuggets with bones.

If you think I’m crazy, you can ask Google about bones in Chicken McNuggets. If you’re into Facebook, there is a group you can join called Mc Donalds chicken nuggets DO contain bones!!

2 of 10,388 days remaining #TRON


— Using tsql to figure out how long until TRON:LEGACY

DECLARE @tron datetime,
@tron_legacy datetime
SET @tron = ‘7/9/1982 12:00:00’
SET @tron_legacy = ’12/17/2010 12:00:00′
SELECT CAST( DATEDIFF( DD, GETDATE(), @tron_legacy ) as varchar(2) ) + ‘ of’ + CAST ( DATEDIFF( DD, @tron, @tron_legacy ) AS VARCHAR(1000) ) + ‘ days remaining’ as ‘How long until TRON:LEGACY?’
— returns
— 2 of10388 days remaining


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I saw a 23 minute sneak peek of TRON:LEGACY on Imax last night. The teaser blew me away, now I can’t wait for December 17 when it comes out in theaters. My iPhone dide make it into the theater, but I failed at bootlegging the preview.

Take my word for it. If you like the original Tron, super high tech design, or Jeff Bridges, go see TRON:LEGACY in December.


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This piece is called eMpower2 and it was free handed on my MacBook Pro’s magical trackpad.  The application used was Mr.Doob’s Harmony drawing tool.  It’s the sweetest open source HTML5 drawing tool I’ve seen yet.  I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of HTML5 based drawing tools soon.

I'm reliving a favorite project from my past

The past repeats itself, stay true to your game and yourself

10 .9 . 8 – A website becomes a man

Tonight is the next step in this year’s internet experiment.  As you can see, I have upgraded the html page to a rhobust, synergy of bleeding edge, web two point oh! technologies.  Ipso Facto, el WordPress-o.

This was the year I decided to bring it to the internets.  Since I write code for a living, it’s been an endless dream to built the perfect CMS to power my name dot com.  The constant struggle over which technology to use, how simple or complex to make it, and the endless ‘oh yeah’s.  So I decided to roll old school and made one large html page.  That was fun for a while, but I’m done the “webmaster” thing.  I’m very excited and impressed with WordPress.  Now if I can only figure out the rest of the system.  So many themes, so many widgets, so little time.

So now it’s live, and on to the dribble.  After the jump?

Been checking out Fuser lately.  I had mistaken them for another Feed Aggregator, but turns out they do email and social.  Gotta say it’s starting to grow on me.  Another part of this year’s internet experiment was to dive back into the scene through RSS and the major social sites.  I was cooking for a while, but started to get data burnout.  I had to cut down on the input.

Since then I’ve steared clear of aggregators.  I’ve gotten off RSS for Twitter and haven’t looked back.  While I don’t see myself using Fuser everyday, I can see myself using it.  It’s starting to grow on me now that I know it’s not a Flex app.  Now I’m actually digging the BeOS-ish bubbly design.  When I found the Exchange integration, that’s when I knew I’d be coming back.  

Can’t wait to see what new site I’ll find tomorrow.

A few motiviational pieces

I have a running list of random media that I like to use for motivation when working on personal projects. This is one of many lists I try to maintain in my head. I recently added a new item to this list and decided to start documenting this list here. What prompted me to start documenting this list is a book I received from Amazon today.  That book is Core Memory – A visual survey of vintage computers.

Core Memory

Core Memory

This book is amazing, and I added this sucker to my motivational list as soon as I saw it online. And now for the list.