It’s time for Ignite Denver 9, get your tickets now

UPDATE : here I am talking crazy at Ignite Denver 9

This Tuesday, June 21st is Ignite Denver 9, and I was selected to speak!.  My talks is a ten point list of things to help you stop being dumb at computers.  This Ignite Denver is going to be a lot of fun.  It was our first time having a practice run prior to the big event.  I’m excited to see how this practice effects the talks.  I’ll tell you my final slide deck is much better than the one I took to practice.

Here is an image and video I found while putting my talk together.  Hope to see you Tuedsay at Ignite Denver.

Far out solid and right on Bob

Les Paul touched us all

American guitar legend Les Paul passed away today.  While I haven’t had the pleasure of owning a Les Paul myself, I have worked with musicians who did, and I understand the love.  Back in my Midget Farmer days we recorded a song to honor this great man and his legendary guitar.  This track was written by guitar demon Danny ‘Bloodspoon’ Grady, who graced us with his presence whenever we played this tribute live.  Here’s the studio version that appeared on our album “America’s Place to Waste your Life” released in 1993.


My Auto-Tune collection

Auto-Tune is clearly the special effect du jour in both hip-hop, and viral videos on the internets. Most people seem to be all up in arms about hip-hoppers overdoing it, but I’m still digging it. Mostly because I only listen to commercial radio when I drive rental cars and therefore control my Auto-Tune ingestion.

While we’re in the “Season of Auto Tune”, here is a collection of auto tune influenced videos that I just love to watch and watch over again.  If I missed any classic Auto-Tune action, please send me a link and update the collection.

Blake needs to talk to Jack about the homepage…

Auto Tuning from Casey Donahue on Vimeo.

Auto-Tune the News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage.

“Rap Chop Remix” ( Slap Chop — you’re going to love, my nuts )

*watch for breakdancing

Arnold prank calls

Here’s a simple Flex soundboard with the Arnold prank phone calls.
If you haven’t heard these prank calls yet, what are you waiting for? Get flash 9 if you don’t already have it, then get ready to LYFAO!

Launch the arnold soundboard in a new window

Cell Phone Reunion

I want to thank College Humor for making the most hilariously accurate iPhone video ever. I can’t stop watching this, it’s just too funny.  Here’s the original link in case there’s any embed issues –